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What I love the most is encouraging people express their truest self.

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I'm Silvia, born in Italy but a citizen of the world. Here I tell about my journey towards embracing my purpose and allowing myself to express my true identity as a creative and sensitive soul.

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Coming from a troubled childhood, I feel called to share my learnings and inspire others to start their own self-discovery journey as well.

I am a free spirit, a sensitive soul, and a performer at heart. I love to experience freedom, joy, and release by using the power of sound, voice, music, and dance.


I'm a certified transformational coach, singer, sound meditation creator, DJ and ecstatic dance facilitator. I practice sound therapy and I've spent years learning about self-help, coaching, spirituality, neuroplasticity and psychology, experimenting, and applying methods along my own path.


Being highly sensitive, I often feel deeply tuned into the feelings of the people around me, and have an inner desire to help. My life is far from perfect, and my own experience and healing process inspires me to share what I have discovered.


here's my story

I've always been an extremely sensitive and creative soul.

Since I was a kid, I've always been extremely sensitive and attuned to other people's energy and emotions, and I used to spend hours and hours in my room singing, dancing, acting, and DJing.

Some traumatic things happened during my childhood, and I ended up growing up feeling unworthy, undeserving, shameful, incapable. I couldn't help but feel "too much" for my extreme sensitivity, "wrong" for my delicate essence, "not enough" for my desires, and too scattered for not having just one true calling but wanting to follow many creative pursuits and interests. I ended up rejecting and disconnecting from my dreams and my sensitivity - disconnecting from my authentic soul. 


Because of all those unpleasant emotions I was going through, I used to believe there was something wrong about me, something that needed to be fixed. I couldn't help but repressing all my anger, anxiety, frustration.

At some point, my purpose had become just something really far away from me. I was completely disconnected from my essence, hiding my true authentic self, and didn't even know who I was anymore.⁣⁠ kept hiding my true self to adjust, to fit, to be accepted and loved by people around me.


I didn't believe in myself enough. I didn't believe I had the power to become the person I was always meant to be.⁠


My intuition kept talking to me throughout all this time, suggesting the right direction, but I pushed it away and followed my logical mind, telling me to choose a life that was "safe", "useful", "profitable". I spent the whole teenage and first years of my adult life being frustrated. I wasn't being myself. I wasn't expressing my true essence. I was just doing what society was expecting me to do.

Then, around my mid 20's, I went through the so-called "quarter-life crisis," a sense of total disconnection and lack of purpose. I realized I didn't want the life I worked and studied hard for. I didn't want to be there. I was feeling depleted and meaningless. My emotions were telling me in all ways that something was wrong, that I needed to make a change.  I was working in corporate branding, doing my 9-5 like many other people, but couldn't stop wondering: "Is this is? Is this what life is all about? Work, eat, sleep, repeat? There has to be more, a deeper meaning..."


So I've decided to start anew and go on a journey of self-discovery, consciously trying to live out my truth, overcome my insecurities, and realize what I'm truly capable of. I moved abroad, got to know myself, and started creating a more adventurous and authentic life, meet new and different people on my path.


That's how I ended up in Canada. That was the starting point of an inward journey, a self-discovery path, during which I stopped listening to people around me telling me what to do and what was best for me. It was time for me to decide on my own life. Since then, things started unfolding in such an amazing way. As soon as I moved abroad, I started allowing myself to express more. One big leap of faith started a new process for me during which I started becoming curious about myself and pushing myself into uncomfortable situations to build my confidence.


Then I launched a freelance branding business and started traveling around Europe. I discovered about self-help, coaching, and spirituality. These new learnings awakened an even deeper purpose linked to my deep sensitivity, a purpose that's always been inside of me - inspiring and helping people. All the pieces were slowly coming together. I was receiving more and more nudges from my intuition as I was moving forward. Yes, branding was great but still, not my purpose, more of a bridge to get to where I am now.


Then, the pandemic arrived just at the right moment and gave me the time and space to reflect on myself, think about what I was doing and why. I realized it was time to dedicate myself to my true purpose and to things that really light up my soul. I owed that to myself, to my happiness. It was time for me to go back in time, to when I was a child, and reconnect to that part of me. That's when I really started to reconnect with my authentic essence and trust my intuition fully. Understanding that thinking logically never helped me get to my true path. Learning that my intuition always knows best because is connected to my soul, my true essence - so I better listen to that voice.


And that's why now I'm building a new life all dedicated to creativity, coaching, spirituality, performing arts, music, ecstatic dance, sound therapy - a lot of things. I'm allowing myself to do ALL THE THINGS because I've accepted that there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with being many things and having many passions.


Going back to my childhood also meant doing a lot of inner and healing work so that I could start singing and performing again. I had anxiety, trauma, and insecurities connected to the idea of freeing my voice and expressing myself freely, deep wounds that were holding me back from feeling good enough.


Now I'm embracing fully my true identity, the one of a mentor and performer.  I spent a long time unaligned with my purpose, but I learned it's never too late to find yourself - it's never too late to discover who you were always meant to be when you arrived on this planet. 


It's been a long process, with lots of ups and downs, and I'll have to keep working on this each and every day of my life and keep peeling off all the insecurities and beliefs I've been carrying on myself throughout my life - understanding that the inner work is not really about becoming someone different but it's about UNBECOMING everything that you absorbed throughout your life that isn't really you.

Who I am now? Someone who smiles as much as she cries - and I do cry a lot. I'm on a healing journey, and on a mission to create the life I really want. I'm creative, passionate, and I love to learn new things every day. Sometimes, I tend to feel lonely and misunderstood. I struggle with anxiety, and my mind is often filled with unpleasant thoughts. My hormones are all over the place, and my past is a list of broken friendships and toxic relationships - and that's why now I strive for building authentic communities. I pursue love, affection, honesty, and meaningful connections. I am a free spirit with a childlike heart, full of life and enthusiasm. And, I've accepted to be a human being and to embrace the full spectrum of my human experience.


This world asks us to always smile and be positive. They say life to be good must be simple, without obstacles. If we feel something "negative", it means we're unhappy, weak, flawed.


The truth is that anger, anxiety, frustration are just part of the human experience. True happiness doesn't mean feeling good all the time but accepting all the things that life throws at us.


Here I share how I'm learning to love myself and live my life authentically by following my soul purpose, my intuition, and creating a life aligned with my true essence. I talk about what I learned through learning and education, and I share my passions - performing, singing, dancing, and exploring.


I'm super glad to have you here, and please remember: if you feel like nothing in your life is perfect, don't be hard on yourself. It only means you are a human being.

biancaluna Branding-04.png

Currently healing through...

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